The Doll House

So we just had the holiday, and now I have a story. from them. But it requires some background.

In 2006, my friend and soon-to-be Second Life sister, Robin Howe, gave me a very dear Christmas gift. She made for me a doll house. It was something very special, with photos of my family inside the front room and all.

Second life being what it was, though, it had its limitations. For one, the textures had to be 32 bit targas to make for the windows, which meant that some angles would lead to the infamous “alpha fighting.” What’s more, prim limits meant that it was hard to furnish: the house alone is 6 land impact, or “prims,” and every item added would only up the count.

Times changed. I collected a few doll houses since then, including the beautiful Pilot doll house from the Arcade a year or so back. Still, this is the one I kept out in my room, a vestige from the prim era. I simply could not let something this special to me go.

Until this Christmas.

My siblings and I huddled around our aluminum tree in Shermerville NW this year, passing out our gifts. As usual, both of my sibs got a big box of gacha items. My brother managed to find me some hats that are perfect for my avatar, and my sister Robin gave me… a doll house.

Now on the surface, it looks just like the old one. But is most certainly is not. For one, the windows are now real – or as real as a virtual window on a play doll house can be. It’s not an alpha texture, but wee windows with all the little muntins and stuff. The door, too, is a “real” door, and one I can open and close.

What’s more, this one is fully furnished. Much of the items on the walls is sourced from our own home, as are some of the other items like the tub or me and my sister’s beds. You’ll even find my favorite teddy bear on the bed, and a smaller version of the doll house inside the doll house.

Oh, and this one, like the old one, is just six land impact.

This is one of the my most precious possessions in Second Life, and I wanted to share it with all of you tonight. Thank you.

(by Marianne McCann. Presented at Espresso Yourself, 1st January, 2015.)


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