About Bay City

So this month is the anniversary of Bay City. We’ll have a big parade on the 17th, and then a live music event in the fairgrounds. I hope all y’all will make it.

Now I’ve talked about Bay City here before, but with the anniversary, I want to delve in again a bit. I hope you’ll forgive me!

When Bay City was first announced on the old SL blog, I was already eying “city” land in SL. I really liked the fun and funky look of Nova Albion, the city just tot he east of Bay City. It’s tight roads, it’s trolley, all that really appealed to me, versus the “typical” palm-tree covered beachfront everyone else seemed to crave.

I had this vision of what Bay City could be. I pictured this thriving cityscape in SL, skyscrapers, naturally. A fashion district with all manner of SL stores presenting their wares. Funky “boutiques” with cool, unusual items for sale. Little clobs and eateris dotting the landscape for folks to explore.

I’ll admit, that dream was shattered when the first auctions opened, and the first parcels sold in the six-digits, only to be replaced by huge, spinning “for sell” cubes hovering over the Docklands region. Yet I still jumped at the auction for parcel I initally scored, even though it wasn’t my first, second, or even third choice. I now own the whole block around that parcel, and a few other places beside.

In a way, I became the change I wanted to see in Bay City, making my own funy block of shops and stuff.

I also still encourage my Bay City neighbors. I love seeing what they come up with, and their vision of this place. Sometimes it is the same as mine, sometimes it varies, even wildly, but it is still part of the flavor of the place.

The biggest trouble with Bay City, though, remains in those high land prices and all those parcels that sit, week after week, for sale. Maybe some day this too will change one way or another, and more people will be able to join in.

But on the plus side, you don’t have to live here to be here, including being here tonight.

(by Marianne McCann. Presented at Espresso Yourself, 5th May, 2015.)


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