On The Web: Mainland Matters

So excited to read this interview with the always-wonderful Torley in the Mainland Matters blog today – and pleasantly surprised to see The Pen mentioned as one of her favorite Mainland haunts!

In my early Second Life as a Linden, Robin Linden was a tremendously positive influence on me, and she gave me a book called The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg. It’s about the importance of social surroundings like coffeeshops in creating community. (Context:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_place) To this day, I think one of the best examples of SL heritage is the monthly event hosted by Marianne McCann that breathes life into this beatnik building, which I’ve had the joy of attending on several occasions with friends. You mentioned Espresso Yourself in a previous post, and I recommend that any new Resident of Second Life should explore the broader Bay City — including the museum! — to get a feel for an abundant culture that continues to thrive over the years. Torley


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