Why “No Mimes?”

On the invite for Espresso Yourself, we mention a “no mimes” policy. It is eye catching, and it always gets a comment. It leave people head-scratching though, wondering what we have against mimes.

In short… nothing. Mime, like any art form, that dedication and craft.

You see, though, it’s not about mime, per se. It’s about participating. It’s about being part of the event. Espresso Yourself night is not a passive event. You don’t sit back and watch, as if it’s a television show. If you are there  then you are part of the moment.

So don’t sit back and be quiet. Be a part of what’s going on. Come up on stage and share, or applaud and encourage those who do. Don’t be as silent as a mime, caught in an invisible box and not being a part of the the thing that is Espresso Yourself.

Also, we’re not gonna dictate to anyone how they choose to show up at The Pen at any night.

Oh, and yes, it’s only a policy at Espresso Yourself, not at any other time.



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