A Little Background…

The Pen did not come out of nowhere. It was originally the brainchild of Marianne McCann and Ever Dreamscape, for a combination book and coffee shop with a beatnik twist. The original building, long since modified, came from the Bay City Content Pack, and was designed by Sylvan Mole.

But there’s one first life coffee place that has its fingerprints all over The Pen, and that’s The Espresso bar from Pasadena, CA.

It’s been closed for decades now, having had its heyday in the 70s and 80s – but it was near and dear to the heart of this virtual coffee house owner.

You’ll find a couple tributes to the “E” Bar. The red door behind the counter is textured to match the red door to the real deal, and the sound loops contained near it all came from the actual place. The tables and chairs are also modeled after ones present in the real location.

Oh, and yes, it also hosted an Espresso Yourself night, though every Tuesday as opposed to once a month. It also disallowed mimes.


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