The Pen… in 360°

The Pen has been proud to be a part of two groundbreaking 360° projects in this past month.

First, in the latest installment of The Drax Files: World Makers, Draxtor presents the story of Second Life® content team Vista Animations, and uses a camera set up pioneered by he and Arduenn Schwarztmann. You can see the episode, including a section with a little-known metal cover band fronted by Drax and Oblee (Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth).

Thanks to everyone who came out on relatively short notice to join in the dance!

Second, Linden Lab has announced that 360° snapshots will soon be coming to Second Life! You can read the announcement on their blog, and see some gorgeous examples shot by Torley on Flickr.

Yes, some of those examples include The Pen, including this particularly lovely one.

pano-Second Life 360 Snapshot - Bay City - Mashpee-1477508464437

I love the use of advanced lighting and shadows in these too. Look at those walls and ceiling textures pop! I added materials to those back when that was still in beta, and it makes those old prim walls look great!

It will be exciting to see this technology continue to evolve and grow, and I hope The Pen will continue to play a small role!


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