New touches

I am always looking to improve things here and there at the pen, usually by refreshing decor items. With the current round of the Arcade — which features a couple great coffee-related sets by [[RH]] Design House and PLAAKA — I’m doing a lot of updating of the various coffee goods around the place.

What’s more, this is also pushing me to eventually update out selection of baked goods, which I haven’t touched since early in the mesh era. Look for fun and fresh things out of our oven in the coming months.

I do want to invite folks over to the Pen at any time, not just for Espresso Yourself. I try to keep the place in tip top shape, in case anyone needs a location to do inworld photography in. You are welcome to use The Pen as a backdrop for blog or other photos as needed. We have a 20 minute auto return, about 100 LI currently available, and (I think) a pretty good atmosphere. Just consider crediting the location when you do, and let me know because I’d love to see the photos.