New food available!

One of the things that I’ve long tried to do with The Pen is provide actual food and drink that you can buy and consume. I just want it as part of the whole “experience” of the place. And while my coffee has long been top notch, the food has been a bit lackluster.

Very lackluster.

As in, “old sculpts I textured years ago and converted to mesh.”

Hey, they are only a Linden dollar each. Still, they could and should be better.

This is soon to change as I introduce version 2.0 of our menu, which will include the introduction of Cherry Turnovers, Croissants, and four types of muffins (Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate, Bran, and Chocolate Chip).

Here’s a sneak peek:


these are now in a case on the Pen’s counter, and set up so you can purchase and consume them. Pretty proud of these.

Also, we’ve been able to hold the line on the price: they remain only L$1 each. I hope you’ll enjoy them.


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