On the Web: More on Places

With the launch of the Place pages, The Pen has ended up featured in many locations as part of the rollout. Very honored to be a part of it all!

We are one of two examples shown in the Second Life blog entry about the launch, as well as featured on the official Second Life Twitter account. Meanwhile, New World Notes also featured it in their own write up about the new feature!

Just because, here’s a bit more about the photos. You can only feature four images on the site, which is good, I suppose. Unfortunately, I shot many more than four, so I’ll share a couple more here, too. The “Also Rans.”

I shot these inworld using advanced lighting and with the “Pirate” windlight setting. I further edited these in Photoshop, using a “Kodachrome” photoshop action to add some film grain and boost some levels on the original shots.

I like to think they convey a place that is both a little run down, but also homey. You know, a bit broken in, where you can relax and be with friends. Which is what The Pen is, I hope!


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