Good music, good food, good conversation!  The Pen is one of the few places in Second Life where a community can come together and just chill and go along for the ride.  Marianne has done a fantastic job in creating an atmospheric beatnik hangout!  You haven’t lived SL until you at least stop here once!

Priscilla Cox

Visiting The Pen is an out-of-the ordinary social experience. After a while, Second Life clubs and bars are all the same. The Pen is something different. Special different.

Uccie Poultry-Seale

The Pen is a great place to score a cuppa coffee, and a new idea or two.

Pygar Bu

The very existence of the Pen sums up very nicely the main point many of us enter this world – expression. The ambiance goes a long way to inspire expression, particularly during the monthly Espresso Yourself gatherings. However, beyond its apt aesthetics, the eclectic collection of personalities drawn to this place make it a real treasure trove for anyone in need of place of friendliness, fun, laughter and entertainment. Suffice it to say, Bay City would not be the same without it.

Belle Mistwallow

The Pen is one of the best coffee houses I have seen. Aside from having the best cinnamon buns in Bay City, they have great coffee and great conversation. Every month they have Espresso Yourself Night which is a great time to stop in, meet some new people and enjoy some great conversation. You might even meet some new friends.

Thomas Hoooker

I love Espresso Yourself nights at The Pen. Sharing silly or serious thoughts, stories, experiences, books, pictures, poems, haiku, etc… strengthening bonds between friends. Each person supporting the other as we take turns at the mic (which makes it much easier to be up on the podium, exposing yourself, so to speak.)

Some of the best times I have had at the Pen were impromptu gatherings, with Mari as DJ, sharing her amazing collection of eclectic music.

Rachel Seelowe