Grab a cup of java juice
and jungle on up in this funky shack.

Point that lead sled to Bay City – Mashpee and sail on by. You can’t miss it.

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Founded in Bay City in April of 2012, The Pen is a gathering place and venue that serves all Second Life® residents. Formed with a Beatnik coffee house look and feel, the place presents spoken word and music events on both a static and erratic schedule.

Feel free to kick up your feet, grab a cuppa, and stay a while, friend. You can even click the books on the coffee table to hear a few quotes from Beat Poets, or let your fingers roam to find other hidden things around the place.

Our Menu


We offer the finest in freshly-ground mesh coffee beans imported from coffee growers in Jeogeöt and Nautilus. Each cup is brewed to perfection.

Baked Goods

We have three baked good options available fresh on a daily basis. Flaky croissants, gooey cherry turnovers, and a wide variety of muffins.


We offer chit chat and conversation any time more than one person is present. This is on the house.


Bleary eyes, insaned mind bemused and mystified by sleep, details that pop out even as you write them you don’t know what they mean, till you wake up, have coffee, look at it, and see the logic of dreams in dream language itself, see?Jack Kerouac

The Skinny


I love Espresso Yourself nights at The Pen. Sharing silly or serious thoughts, stories, experiences, books, pictures, poems, haiku, etc… strengthening bonds between friends. Each person supporting the other as we take turns at the mic (which makes it much easier to be up on the podium, exposing yourself, so to speak.)

Some of the best times I have had at the Pen were impromptu gatherings, with Mari as DJ, sharing her amazing collection of eclectic music.

Rachel Seelowe

The Pen is a great place to score a cuppa coffee, and a new idea or two.

Pygar Bu

Espresso Yourself!

The Pen proudly presents Espresso Yourself night, held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. SLT.

What is “Espresso Yourself?” It’s a chance to take your spot on the stage and share. Tell a joke, share your poetry, read a chapter from your favorite book, sing a song. Just share! Voice or Text. Talent not required, but passion is mandatory. Also, no mimes.



100 Century Street
Bay City – Mashpee, SL

The Pen is located just off Route 66 in Bay City – Mashpee, SL.


We’re accessible via the Bay City Trolley, Bay City Transit Bus, and Bay City Taxi.

Opening Times

We’re open 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week